Monday, February 16, 2009

Wandering Around Wondering if I'm Lost or Just Finding a Different Path

Date: February 16
Mood: Tired and Sick
Listening To: Decode, by Paramore

Well I am seriously tired at the moment I've been sick for like the past three days and its getting old pretty fast to tell you the truth. I can't miss school because ATC is actually important in my life so looks like I'm just going to pursue on. If you could see me right now I look like a zombie trying to sit still and type a lecture, well except I look a little bettter than a zombie.
Valentine's Day not really a big thing for me since I dont celebrate it, I'm more of an Anti-Valentine's Day kinda guy. My thing about Valentine's Day is why are you going to spend one day trying to show your chick or dude that you love them and give them something special. If you love that person then you wouldnt just spend one day to give them something nice or to tell them you love them. 
You know what I love, is when I see people date for like three days and there like Oh My G I love him/her so much, and I'm like "You've been dating for like two or three days". Its hilarious really, I mean especially when you just broke up with a boy/girl like a week before that you told them that you love them with all your heart. Your heart must be pretty small if you could love someone so much and break up with them in the next week and fall in love with someone completely different. But if thats how they want to live their lives and have in their relationships then by all means have fun, I like my relationship and I'm not going to just move on to different girls each week or month.

Oh and this is my list of favorite sayings that people just love to steal and use for their own.
First and my personal favorite is: Schweet- Which means FREAKEN AWESOME or thats absolutely amazing
Second favorite is: Oh My G- Which mean Oh Snap or DDDAAANNNGG. The G stands for Genius not gangsta so dont confuse those two. Or it could mean whatever I'm looking at is amazing and I want to watch it again.
I'll bite you- This is just something I say as a reflex when someone does something unexpected around me or towards me. And I'll make a biting action in that direction but usually wont actually bite you unless you move too close and I accidently bite you but I dont have a disease so its all good.
Don't Get At Me- Is usually said when I'm messing around when I'm being insulted I'll be like "Don't Get At Me son I'll fry you" It means don't challenge me or dont try to joke me or I'll beast you.
Oh this has to be one of my top favorites I just remembered: ...Really?- Now I say this so much nowadays because of people that arent very bright. When someone says something stupid that just deserves a schmack I just look at them and I'm like"...Really".  Or when something unexpected happens that totally throws me off like right before I'm about to walk in through an open door and right when I get there it just shuts, yep thats a "...Really" moment.

Well thats what I got for now Everyday is great so live it well. I love you and goodbye for now.


charlotte said...

hey thanks for following :D
i like you blog, it seems pretty beastmode.

Jillian Christine said...

I love Schweet, and I use it a lot. Which makes people look at me weird..... Well, breathing makes people look at me weird...
Just because I skateboard and play in a grunge band, people thinks that makes me emo or punk or something...

Whoa, I am so off....

Hey, I'm Jill.