Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turning a New Page in Life

Well this is my first post of the new blog to tell you the truth I dont know why I still do this since the only reason why I have this blog is because of my ATC class, but its all good, yes it is.
I used to be one of those guys who didnt really know what he wanted in his life he would say one thing and do another, or think he wanted something but not really want it. But its different now because I changed and I've said that quite a few times but now its official (Oh yeah).
So this is what I am now, I'm a 6'0 ft Junior that is Hawaiian, Japanese and Irish haha because thats how I roll. If you meet me I'm a kinda chill person until I get to know you real well and then the outgoing personality thats been stored inside of me is released kinda like the Hulk ...except I'm less deisel and can't throw a car two miles with one hand but I'm getting there, a few more bench presses and I think I can throw a car a mile haha XD
But if your in the mood to just relax kick back and chill then hey were perfect because my Hawaiian side does just that, chill and sleep. And then I dont know where my athletism comes from because when you bring up sports I'll be there and show my beastness in sports kinda like Ben Rothelisberger except I'm not a fag (haha for all you Steeler fans =P)
I'm a Christian yes I am, I attend Wave Church and I'm on fire for God, and for all the people that may be new that it just means I have a lot of love for God. If you so happen to live in Virginia you should come attend Wave Church its amazingly SCHWEET!

And I love everyone but if you annoy me or piss me off you just might be the exception =]

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