Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whats Good?

Date: Too long now
Mood: Amazing to be here
Listening To: Whispers in the Dark, Skillet

Man it has been a little bit since the last time I posted a blog so here I am. I've been busy at ATC so didnt have much time to share my thoughts with all these wonderful people. You know I love life, yes I do, very much. And how many heard about the explosion that took place over Hampton Roads, Virginia (where I live)? Well supposedly a part of a russian sattelite was knocked out of orbit and exploded right before crashing down in to Virginia Beach (Even Clolser to Where I Live)! I was told later that if it didnt blow up before it crashed I wouldnt be here right now talking to all you fine people so I'm really happy right now. And just say I love you guys XD because its very true I do.
And thanks to God (which I prayed to) I'm still here, and you may think that I'm just one of them stupid Christians that just believe in God and thinks he's behind everything, and you know what, your right. I am I believe in God that he is my savior so its just something you have to live with. Uhh I still need ideas for this blogger so if you have any share them and I'll listen because thats one of the reasons why I'm no longer on this. Well love you guys and I'm gone, but still ALIVE, YYESS hah.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Amazing Power and Faith of the Lord

Date: March 15, I think its been a long morning
Mood: Grateful and Thankful
Listining To: Awesome God, by Hillsong United and Over the Rainbow, by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole

This weekend and even this past week has been hard on my friends and I. And I wish i could do more than I can for them, and do more than what I do. My friend's dad passed away in the hospital this past Wendseday and I know he's hurting and I wish I could do more than just say I'm sorry. So I prayed for him, prayed for God to give him the strength to fight through the pain and not crush his life but to make it stronger. I know how it feels to lose someone close to me, I've lost quite a few actually but I remember them as they are and will always have them in my heart. There in a better place and I'll see them again later because that is what I believe in.
Another friend of mine was part of an accident yesterday, his brakes didnt work and he slammed straight into the back of a car. He destroyed the front hood of his car completely, his air bag didnt deploy and when we looked back at the seat of his car and we saw glass shards sticking out of his seat. God was watching out for him on that day, and he knows that and knows that God is out there looking out for all of us. He is safe and not in any harm so I'm glad and thankful that he is safe.

Well thats my religous part of me haha but I believe that is an important part of life. I'm running out of ideas again of a blog, I need to think of something......*serious thinking face*. Ha well I'm sure it will come to me, drop by and hit me up if you have anything. Well love you guys, and I'll pray that we all have a safe passage through life =]

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Playlist of My Life

Date: March 13
Listening To: Lollipop, by Framing Hanley

These are the songs that I like that basically describe certain parts of my life. And you guys probably have heard of these songs before and if you haven't give them a listen, because there pretty awesome songs.

Lollipop, by Framing Hanley. Mine as well start with the song that I'm listening to, so this is my favorite song and I listen to it and it kinda describes my party life. Now granted I'm not a player and my girlfriend lives in a whole another state so I'm not asking a girl to lick my "lollipop" or telling a girl that I've never seen an a** like hers, but still parties are parties and we rock out. We do stupid things and jump into pools and run around like morons, those kind of things

I Don't Care, by Apocalpytica. This song is awesome but it does have a portion of my life tied into it. When I was treated wrong by a former "love" of mine it hurt alot and at first I didnt care about what would happen to her, or what she does with her life. But now I've changed and I care about everyone, something that a typical christian would.

Face Down, by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Its an old song it was like my favorite song back in like freshman year, but this song represents me because of how I respect women. I dont think that abusing women makes you look tough or bossing them around makes you look superior, you should treat women with just as much respect as everything else if not more.

Headstrong, by Trapt. This is another old song but its a really great to listen to to get pumped up. And its related to me because I've been in enough fights to know that I'm easily antagonized and will take on anyone that challenges me. But recently the only fights I've been is to protect my friends, so I'm trying to hold back on fighting unless of course my friends need me.

Awesome God, by Hillsong United. The most important song to my life is the song about God. And it represents my on fire attitude for God and how I feel about my religion. If anything all I need is the power of God to be by myside to give me the strength to overcome any problem.

Well for now these are the songs that I can write about that represents my life, I'll keep adding new songs

Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings

Date: March 9th
Mood: Tired but Schweet
Listening To: I don't Care, by Apocalyptica

Ok so as everyone knows daylight savings time was on Sunday and everyone had to set their clocks ahead one hour, well I never changed mine so it was always an hour off. But I finally had my clock set at the right time yesterday for the first time in six months. But even though I had my time right I still manage to not wake up on time and become late for school. I woke up an hour late and I had to run around jump in my shower, trip out of my shower grab my clothes and my bag and get out the door (with my clothes on though). I strongly dislike daylight savings now and I dont think I'm ever going to change a timezone again.

But other than that life has been great my weekend was G, I had to stop a fight at Wave (my church), some middleschoolers thinks its cool to bring a knife to church and try to fight. So I had to get into the middle of it and stop them. Sunday (the day of the evil time changes) I played guitar hero Worldtour, which I'm a beast at. If you have it I'll play you, because I'm a beast at drumming and singing so I do it at the same time.

I need some ideas about my next post, I'm kinda running out of ideas and I'm kinda to tired to think about it. So if you have an idea just let me know. Alright love you guys and hope everything goes well for everyone.