Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life is Better When There is No Worry

Date: February 19
Mood: Insanely tired and feeling better
Listening To: Doomsday, by Atreyu

I had Districts yesterday at Skills USA and our class competed against everyone else basically. Well my team didnt win we won second in our division and maybe 4th or 5th in like overall. But we did our best even though three of my team members didnt do anything so this new kid and I did everything which sucked. But it was fun I met some new people and I guess became a comedian because almost everything I said those two girls laughed and giggled, but they could've been laughing at me I dont know I'm not a mind reader or anything, I'm just me.

And then I got home to a message that pissed me off like I dont know my heart dropped my mind exploded with all these bad thoughts and I'm like "...really?". I didnt know what to do and I thought I had to just end it right then and there because I didnt know who to believe or trust and it hurt. I was pissed now granted I wasn't Hulk status pissed I didnt rip off my shirt, turn green and rampage through the street but I was genuinly mad. But like I always do I find a way to calm down and think. I should've been like go in monk mode and meditate or something but just because I'm Asian and Hawaiian it doesn't mean those skills come natural to me, I had to think hard and relax.  But you know after any hard problem or bad situation there is always the positive feedback of something and tonight was my positive feedback and my calming moment. The moment in the back of your head and your just like "Schweeeeet" or "Ohhh yeaaahhh" something like that a good feeling. Everyone has their problems its just what you do to work them out or what you do to make the best of them. A smart man realizes his problem a smarter man works out a plan to fix it (or all you women out there, not just a guy thing)
Well I'm out for today my teachers giving me some funny look right now, I don't think she trusts me all that much, so I'm out and I love you.

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