Friday, February 20, 2009

All the Struggle Wasn't for Nothing Because 5 Months is Here

Date: February 20 (5 months)
Mood: Happy and Missing her
Listening To: Beautiful Girls, by Sean Kingston

Oh G, if there is one thing that took alot of work I'd say it's this relationship I've been in for five months now. All the fighting, all the mistrust, all the close break ups can be insane and really hurt the relationship not only between boyfriend or girlfriend but as friends as well. But we've lasted longer than anyone ever thought we would as a long distance relationship, and we've seen each other on January 3rd when no one said we had a chance to be together. I think about half of our relationship we fought or was sad or something that wasn't good, which I thought was bad because my ex-girlfriend and I didnt start fighting until the 5 month mark. But theres one difference that really keeps this relationship alive and its how much I actually feel for her and care for her and vice versa. The thing is about Franchessca is that she actually loves me and I'm not staying with her just to have a girlfriend or just to have someone to say I love you too, which might be why I stayed with my ex, but because I love her as well and I dont want to lose her. 
My first Long distance relationship and I feel like that I'm doing better with her than I could with anyone else. I may seem like immature love to everyone else thats reading this but everyone has to start somewhere. And with love in my heart and God up there looking out for me, and us all I believe I can stay strong and wait for her.


Jillian Christine said...

Aw, dang it.
I had a bf, Cooper, and he moved to Qatar. You know where that is???? Like, Iraq. It stinks so much. I mean it's so over now.... but, for some reason, I liked him even more when he was gone... which is totally sounds bad. But I just wanted to let you know that I get it.

I have no clue why the heck I'm telling this to you. Actually, I haven't really told anyone on Blogger about this. Especially not my cousin (
So, don't tell, okay? Wutevar.
So, are you ok?

Grunge is okay, I like Alternative Rock better though. It is schaweet.

Umm, the thing on your profile, about what to pack on a trip to the moon? It really doesn't sound too Christian to me, with all honesty.


Jillian Christine said...

Grazie! (I don't speak Italian, FYI)

Tyranda Wapass said...

Wowie! Your Girls lucky :D And I hate fights. Lol.
I had this boyfriend who we were together for like a year and a half, he was absouletly amazing!! Until I heard he was creeping… with his ex. L We said I love you, 6 months into our relationship … And now when I date im being dumped because I cant say I love you … I guess you never know. The Shortest relationship I ever had was proollly 6 months haha .. but you ok bud?

AnthonyIkaika18 said...

Well thanks for your concern yes I'm holding up, like you said about your bf I think she's absolutely amazing and we trust each other 100%. Its like I know everything that I can about her to trust her and her judgements.
But I'm sorry about how your experience went with your ex. But I hope it goes well for you

Anonymous said...

well thats good!
i hope your experinces are good also.
i hope things are looking out for you.

he came back to me. and were happy together. We dont cheat. He told me he was just scared of comitment,
but he realized what a mistake he made and he loved me,
we've been dating , 2 months after i posted my other post,
but look me up on facebook
tyraa lynn