Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whats Good?

Date: Too long now
Mood: Amazing to be here
Listening To: Whispers in the Dark, Skillet

Man it has been a little bit since the last time I posted a blog so here I am. I've been busy at ATC so didnt have much time to share my thoughts with all these wonderful people. You know I love life, yes I do, very much. And how many heard about the explosion that took place over Hampton Roads, Virginia (where I live)? Well supposedly a part of a russian sattelite was knocked out of orbit and exploded right before crashing down in to Virginia Beach (Even Clolser to Where I Live)! I was told later that if it didnt blow up before it crashed I wouldnt be here right now talking to all you fine people so I'm really happy right now. And just say I love you guys XD because its very true I do.
And thanks to God (which I prayed to) I'm still here, and you may think that I'm just one of them stupid Christians that just believe in God and thinks he's behind everything, and you know what, your right. I am I believe in God that he is my savior so its just something you have to live with. Uhh I still need ideas for this blogger so if you have any share them and I'll listen because thats one of the reasons why I'm no longer on this. Well love you guys and I'm gone, but still ALIVE, YYESS hah.


charlotte said...

YAY for still being alive! :D

Anonymous said...

Yay, for LIfe!
And Music, Of Course! ;P


P.S.: Test this for me, please. MY friend Anastasia cant comment on my blog, I wanna see if you can. Thanks!


AnthonyIkaika18 said...

Hey DC I couldnt comment you either for some reason, and just to let you know I didnt just go to comment you because you asked, your blog was really schweet and it was cute that you miss that person, but sorry I couldnt comment you.

Anonymous said...

oh itsohk.
I wonder why my blog does that.
And thanks for the kinda comment. LOL, and the thing is me and "that person" as we will call him, broke up. But im still in love with him.