Monday, March 16, 2009

Amazing Power and Faith of the Lord

Date: March 15, I think its been a long morning
Mood: Grateful and Thankful
Listining To: Awesome God, by Hillsong United and Over the Rainbow, by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole

This weekend and even this past week has been hard on my friends and I. And I wish i could do more than I can for them, and do more than what I do. My friend's dad passed away in the hospital this past Wendseday and I know he's hurting and I wish I could do more than just say I'm sorry. So I prayed for him, prayed for God to give him the strength to fight through the pain and not crush his life but to make it stronger. I know how it feels to lose someone close to me, I've lost quite a few actually but I remember them as they are and will always have them in my heart. There in a better place and I'll see them again later because that is what I believe in.
Another friend of mine was part of an accident yesterday, his brakes didnt work and he slammed straight into the back of a car. He destroyed the front hood of his car completely, his air bag didnt deploy and when we looked back at the seat of his car and we saw glass shards sticking out of his seat. God was watching out for him on that day, and he knows that and knows that God is out there looking out for all of us. He is safe and not in any harm so I'm glad and thankful that he is safe.

Well thats my religous part of me haha but I believe that is an important part of life. I'm running out of ideas again of a blog, I need to think of something......*serious thinking face*. Ha well I'm sure it will come to me, drop by and hit me up if you have anything. Well love you guys, and I'll pray that we all have a safe passage through life =]

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