Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Playlist of My Life

Date: March 13
Listening To: Lollipop, by Framing Hanley

These are the songs that I like that basically describe certain parts of my life. And you guys probably have heard of these songs before and if you haven't give them a listen, because there pretty awesome songs.

Lollipop, by Framing Hanley. Mine as well start with the song that I'm listening to, so this is my favorite song and I listen to it and it kinda describes my party life. Now granted I'm not a player and my girlfriend lives in a whole another state so I'm not asking a girl to lick my "lollipop" or telling a girl that I've never seen an a** like hers, but still parties are parties and we rock out. We do stupid things and jump into pools and run around like morons, those kind of things

I Don't Care, by Apocalpytica. This song is awesome but it does have a portion of my life tied into it. When I was treated wrong by a former "love" of mine it hurt alot and at first I didnt care about what would happen to her, or what she does with her life. But now I've changed and I care about everyone, something that a typical christian would.

Face Down, by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Its an old song it was like my favorite song back in like freshman year, but this song represents me because of how I respect women. I dont think that abusing women makes you look tough or bossing them around makes you look superior, you should treat women with just as much respect as everything else if not more.

Headstrong, by Trapt. This is another old song but its a really great to listen to to get pumped up. And its related to me because I've been in enough fights to know that I'm easily antagonized and will take on anyone that challenges me. But recently the only fights I've been is to protect my friends, so I'm trying to hold back on fighting unless of course my friends need me.

Awesome God, by Hillsong United. The most important song to my life is the song about God. And it represents my on fire attitude for God and how I feel about my religion. If anything all I need is the power of God to be by myside to give me the strength to overcome any problem.

Well for now these are the songs that I can write about that represents my life, I'll keep adding new songs

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Anonymous said...

I Love You.
Lollipop by Framing Hanley,
Is The Best, EVER.
I totally Love You Now..
Check out my Blogg.