Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings

Date: March 9th
Mood: Tired but Schweet
Listening To: I don't Care, by Apocalyptica

Ok so as everyone knows daylight savings time was on Sunday and everyone had to set their clocks ahead one hour, well I never changed mine so it was always an hour off. But I finally had my clock set at the right time yesterday for the first time in six months. But even though I had my time right I still manage to not wake up on time and become late for school. I woke up an hour late and I had to run around jump in my shower, trip out of my shower grab my clothes and my bag and get out the door (with my clothes on though). I strongly dislike daylight savings now and I dont think I'm ever going to change a timezone again.

But other than that life has been great my weekend was G, I had to stop a fight at Wave (my church), some middleschoolers thinks its cool to bring a knife to church and try to fight. So I had to get into the middle of it and stop them. Sunday (the day of the evil time changes) I played guitar hero Worldtour, which I'm a beast at. If you have it I'll play you, because I'm a beast at drumming and singing so I do it at the same time.

I need some ideas about my next post, I'm kinda running out of ideas and I'm kinda to tired to think about it. So if you have an idea just let me know. Alright love you guys and hope everything goes well for everyone.


charlotte said...

wowo way to stop a fight
thats pretty beastmode brave
hmm im not sure of a next post..
i'll let you know if i think of anything good :D

Anastasia said...

i know you've been following my blog for awhile so i finally looked at yours. sorry it took so long :P
just wanted to say...
love your blog!!
no seriously, this place is awesome keep it up.
and you listen to awesome music! lol
thanks for following my blog!
and i liked your post about your childhood favorites. that's way cool :D